Janine Margelisch

Janine Margelisch

Title: Certified Rolfer™
Languages: German, English
Main focus: Rolfing™, Rolfing Movement™, Human Movement Teacher, Fascial Workout, Somatic Experiencing (SE)

Arnold Böcklin-Strasse 45
CH-4051 Basel
+41 78 728 67 02
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I consider Rolfing as a basis for integral bodywork and a help to support the wellbeing of a person.

Delight in movement and interest in anatomy and physiology of the human body were the reason why I have chosen to become a gymnastic teacher as first occupation. In continuing education and advanced trainings in Yoga, Pilates and Spiraldynamik™ I constantly extend my knowledge and my understanding of movement and deepen my own body-awareness. Beside my educational and therapeutic work in a special-care home for multiple handicapped adults for over ten years, I’ve been teaching various movement classes in groups and personal trainings since the year 2000. The Rolfing Training is the ideal addition to my former offer in movement.
Because of the diversity of these two fields I could learn a lot. People have different access to their bodies and movement and need individual support to feel better, to move more secure or to handle pain easier.

My own Rolfingprocess had touched me deeply. I became more aware of my movement pattern, felt better connected, more free in moving and more comfortable in my skin. I never felt lighter and still had both feet planted firmly on the ground like after these sessions.

In my experience Rolfing does not only help to find the physical balance, it also supports the mental balance/ calmness. I sense this holism as a precondition to accompany and support a person. Rolfing® offers me the possibility and the certainty to support my clients individually and specifically.

Member of: European Rolfing™ Association (ERA), Swiss Association for Rolfing™ & Structural Integration (IDA), EMR, ASCA, Visana


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