Katharina Adiecha

Katharina Adiecha

Title: Certified Rolfer™
Languages: German, English, some French
Focus: Rolfing™, Balancing alignment™ (my personal movement technique), Dance teacher, Somatic Experiencing (SE)

Praxisgemeinschaft für komplementäre Methoden
Hirschgässlein 44 (3th floor)
CH-4051 Basel
+41 (0)79 745 80 68
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Rolfing Praxis
Oberdorf 107
4712 Lauperdorf
+41 (0)79 745 80 68
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Professional Background: After finishing school, I studied in Bern for three years to become a Musical Performer. Acting engagement in Germany. Three-year-Scholarship (from the City of Berne) for Dance Technique Studies in New York. 1975-88 Working as a dancer in shows, dance companies, film, TV in New York. 1989 Return to Switzerland. Working as a dance teacher in Switzerland, Germany and Holland and having my own one- woman show until 1994. 1994 Opening of ‘Chronos Movement Dance School’ with three colleagues. 1994-98 Studying Herbal Medicine in Bern NVS (degree: trained alternative therapist). 1998-99  Studying TuiNa-Massage (certificate). 2002-04 Studying Rolfing at the European Rolfing Association in Munich, Germany (certificate). 2004 Opening my Rolfing practice ‘MOTUS’ in Basel. 2005 Registering my movement trade mark 'Balancing alignment'. 2015 Training in Somatic Experiencing (SE)

My Experience with Rolfing: I became acquainted with Rolfing after my return to Switzerland in 1989. It was the only method giving me more than physical wellbeing, it touched me deeply as a human being and it became an excellent guideline to help me find a different way of moving. I experimented using earth gravity actively before doing a movement until the movement quality changed and became supple. After I joined a course on Rolfing movement organised by Hubert Godard I had a groundbreaking experience. Surprisingly, Hubert Godard’s teaching technique corresponded to the movement quality I had acquired through my own method, which I had been teaching for many years. After that course I therefore decided to become a certified Rolfer myself. To my mind, Rolfing and dancing complement each other and they keep inspiring me.

Rolfing and Movement Work with Clients: I have been dealing with all sorts of clients: dancers, athletes, people doing martial arts or just ‘ordinary’ people who are eager to improve their posture or would like to get rid of a harmful moving pattern. I am happy when clients understand how important it is to be interested in the therapeutic joint venture and help me with their commitment to support the process. We always work on movement’s qualities in order to find an individual solution. It is very helpful when the clients keep on practising at home what we have worked on, during our session. They often come back with positive feedback and raise questions about their new opportunities of moving. This mutual development is highly challenging and it is a constant learning process for both, client and Rolfer. 

Member of: European Rolfing™ Association, Swiss Association for Rolfing™ & Structural Integration (IDA), EMR, ASCA, Visana


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