Mirjam Corti

Mirjam Corti

Title: Certified Rolfer™
Languages: German, English, French
Focus: Rolfing™, Normal Function, Rolfing Movement™, Physiotherapy, ScarWork

Fürstensteinerstr. 48
CH-4053 Basel
+41 (0)61 333 03 10
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After my certificate as a physiotherapist I worked at the paraplegic clinic and in various physiotherapeutic practices in the area of Basel. Already then I was looking for a holistic method of treatment and initially came upon osteopathy.

However, during my training in osteopathy I came into contact with Rolfing due to my own backaches. This method of treatment deeply touched, moved and fascinated me. I decided to be trained as a Rolfer in Munich.

Since 2000 I have been working as a Rolfer in my own practice and since 2006 I have been member of the Swiss Society for Structural Integration (SGSI).

My work has strongly been influenced by Dr. med. Hans Flury, a Swiss doctor and Rolfer (founding member of the SGSI), who has made important contributions to the further development of Rolfing over the last 20 years. Another important influence has been Hubert Godard, a dancer, Rolfer (movement instructor) and researcher from France.

Member of: European Rolfing™ Association, Swiss Association for Rolfing™ & Structural Integration (IDA), EMR, ASCA, Visana


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