Raphael Zumsteg

Raphael Zumsteg

Title: Certified Rolfer™
Languages: German, English, French
Focus: Rolfing™, Physiotherapy, Somatic Experiencing (SE)

Rolfing & Physiotherapie
Dornacherstrasse 161
4147 Aesch
+41 61 501 65 85
+41 79 685 76 81
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Growing up in the canton of Baselland, I discovered a passion for endurance sports early on through my father and my grandfather. I enjoyed training towards a goal, and improving my performance. I continued in this way for more than 20 years, concentrating on long-distance running, and participated in several competitions. I first thought about choosing a profession in which I could move as freely as possible and grow in many different ways when I was 12.

I qualified as a physiotherapist in Basel in 2000. Since then I have completed several training courses in manual therapy, sports physiotherapy, Pilates, taping, etc.

Due to an acute disc problem in 2009 I discovered Rolfing after trying many other therapies. At the same time I started training as a trauma therapist (SE).

Previously, I used to focus exclusively on achievement; now I have a deep desire to feel at one with my body, indeed to manifest this feeling. Today I'm more careful with my body. Yoga, expressive dance, hiking and biking help me to keep mind, body and spirit in balance.

Rolfing allows me to combine everything I have learned and experienced in my therapeutic journey to date.

I would very much like to support you in every way in improving your sense of well-being and means of expression.

Member of: European Rolfing™ Association (ERA), Swiss Association for Rolfing™ & Structural Integration (IDA), Physioswiss, EMR, ASCA, Visana


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